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Career Connects

Career Services, Co-op, and Co-Curricular Record

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What is Career Connects?

Career Connects is a "one-stop" online resource for Mount students accessing information about Co-operative Education, Career Services, and the Co-Curricular Record. This platform also makes the hiring process easy for employers wanting to hire Mount students. For questions related to the Co-operative Education, contact or call (902) 457-6493. For questions related to Career Services or the Co-Curricular Record, contact or call (902) 457-6567.


Co-operative Education

At the Mount, learning extends beyond the classroom. Through the co-op program, students alternate semesters in class with paid work terms in positions related to their field of study, including Public Relations, Business Administration and Tourism & Hospitality Management. The Co-op Office also administers internship programs for students studying in arts, science, science communication and public policy. The Career Connects Co-op module supports students and employers engaged in all co-op programs and selected internship programs at the Mount.


Career Services

One of the biggest challenges university students face is making a career decision. At the Mount, we offer a variety of career-related services, resources and opportunities for students, employers and faculty. Whether you need help making a career decision, are looking for a job, or are wondering what you can do with your degree, we can help you plan a realistic career path and perform a successful job search. The Career Connects Career Services module supports students and employers exploring full-time, part-time, summer, on-campus and volunteer opportunities.

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Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record is a way for students to formally document all of their non-academic, extra-curricular involvement in an official format called a Co-Curricular Record (CCR). It may include activities such as volunteer work, athletics, awards and other leadership activities.

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